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A Cornell honey bee collects nectar from a purple loosestrife flower

Research @ Cornell: sampling honey bee pollen for pesticide analysis

Bumble bees pollinating a sunflower

Bees on Sunflower

Welcome to the Pollinator Network @ Cornell

Pollinators are essential for maintaining floral diversity and for producing many important agricultural crops that feed residents of New York and other areas of the world. 

Pollinators in the News

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NYS Beekeeper Tech Team

Apr 12, 2017
The NYS Beekeeper Tech Team is an interdisciplinary group that works directly with beekeepers to improve honey bee health, reduce colony losses, and increase profitability of the beekeeping industry. In 2016, the NYS Beekeeper Tech Team worked with 30 beekeepers throughout northern, central, and western New York. These results are now available. Read more

Take the Bee Informed Partnership Management Survey!

Mar 30, 2017
The Bee Informed Partnership is a non-profit organization that collects management information from thousands of beekeepers across the US each year. This information is extremely valuable in understanding national and state-wide honey bee colony losses and in relating these losses to management practices. All beekeepers are encouraged to fill out this survey.  Read more