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Empire State Honey Producers Association: Annual Fall Meeting

The Empire State Honey Producers Association (ESHPA) 2015 fall meeting is taking place on November 20th and 21st in Syracuse. The speakers are a mix of honey bee researchers, commercial beekeepers, and a representative from the Pollinator Stewardship Council. Two speakers from Cornell University will be presenting; Dr. Scott McArt will be giving a talk on his current projects that focus on the impact of pesticides and pathogens on pollinators, and Emma Mullen will be delivering an evidence-based summary of the impacts of neonicotinoids on honey bees. Diana Cox-Foster from Utah State University & Penn State University will be giving several talks on honey bee health, and the meeting will end with the state Apiculturist Paul Cappy giving an update on New York State apiary inspections. As per tradition, a silent auction and honey contest will take place during this two-day event. Visit ESHPA’s website at for registration and more information.

The summer meeting will take place on July 16, 2016 at Dyce Laboratory @ Cornell University.

Stay tuned for more info!