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Protecting Pollinators: The New York Pollinator Conference

On September 22, 2015, the New York Pollinator Conference was held in Voorheesville, NY. This conference was hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension and featured 12 speakers with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Speakers from Cornell included Dr. Scott McArt, Emma Mullen, Heather Connelly, Dan Gilrein, Maria VanDyke, and Jennifer Stengle. The goal of the conference was to educate people on how to improve pollinator health and conserve bee populations. 

The first half of the day focused on the state of pollinators, while the second half centered on practical applications for pollinator protection and conservation. Both sections ended with an advisory discussion panel to answer audience questions.

The audience consisted of beekeepers, Master Gardeners, researchers, growers, and other stakeholders. It was a great opportunity to learn about bees and hear an update on New York’s Pollinator Protection Plan currently in development.

Heather Connelly informs the audience about wild bees as crop pollinators and ways we can boost their populations in agricultural settings.