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NYS Beekeeper Tech Team

In response to raising concerns of honey declines across the state, the New York State Pollinator Protection Plan announced the development of the NYS Beekeeper Tech Team. 

The Beekeeper Tech Team is an interdisciplinary group that works directly with beekeepers to improve honey bee health, reduce colony losses, and increase profitability of the beekeeping industry. The program began in August 2016 and is open to hobbyists, sideliners, and commercial beekeepers who operate a beekeeping business that generates $1000 in revenues each year. The Tech Team meets with participants to provide them with data from their colonies and recommendations that they can implement in their operations.

Download Tech Team Reports


View the 2020 Spring Colony Health Report


View the 2019 Tech Team Report

Front page of spring 2019 report


View the 2019 Spring Colony Health Report

Front page of 2018 report


View the 2018 Tech Team Report

front page of spring 2018 report


View the Spring 2018 Colony Health Report



Front page of 2017 benchmark summary report


View the 2017 Beekeeping Business Benchmark Report

front page of 2017 report


View the 2017 Tech Team Report


front page of 2016 report


View the 2016 Tech Team Report

front page of 2017 spring report


View the Spring 2017 Colony Health Report


front page of 2016 pesticide report


View the 2016 Pesticide Results



Improving Colony Health: What information does the Tech Team collect?

The Tech Team gathers the following data participants' colonies at two time periods (late spring and late summer):

  • Varroa mite levels
  • Nosema spore counts
  • Pesticide levels in wax (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, miticides)

The Tech Team gathers the following data from participants through surveys:

  • Operation demographics
  • Colony loss records
  • Management practices 

Interested in enrolling in the NYS Beekeeper Tech Team?

Contact Emma Walters ( to find out when the next enrolling period is and how you can qualify. 

Financial Analysis and Business Benchmarking (FABB) for Beekeepers

The FABB program is based on the idea that you can make better management decisions if you understand the financial position of your business.

Beekeepers who enroll in this program receive one-on-one support from our Agricultural Economist to clarify business goals and develop a complete set of financial statements. This process supports a detailed analysis of production costs, profitability and owner equity. As a result, participants will be better able to evaluate opportunities for business growth or transition.

Participation in the FABB program is completely confidential. Financial data collected from participants will be used to create benchmarks, or standards for comparison, for beekeeping businesses in New York State. These benchmarks will assist beekeepers in evaluating the performance of their own operations, compared to the typical performance of similar operations.

Interested in participating in this aspect of the NYS Beekeeper Tech Team? We are currently recruiting beekeeping operations in New York State to join our 2019 FABB cohort. Email Travis Grout ( for more information, or to sign up!

Turning your Hobby into a Business

We offer business development workshops for groups of hobbyist beekeepers interested in selling honey or other apiary products. If you would like to schedule a presentation for a beekeeping club in your area, please contact Travis Grout (

The NYS Beekeeper Tech Team is funded by the Environmental Protection Fund as part of the NYS Pollinator Protection Plan